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    Jubilee Worship Night Debuts All-Original Songs with Chorus, Orchestra, Gives Highest Praise to God

    August 11, 2018, Jubilee Worship Night of Olivet Assembly Summer Retreat concluded in the great grace of God. More than 40 musicians performed and sang onstage. Jubilee Chorus and Jubilee Orchestra united in debuting Jubilee's all-time favorite songs


    Jubilee Chorus has been the testimony in itself for me to witness how God delightedly works with those who are called in His name; giving their talents, time and energy selflessly for the sake of sharing joy and blessing to which God can only give, with others without expecting anything in return. Jubilee Chorus has also been a unique experience of singing with those with such diverse backgrounds and life stories and yet there lies the amazing sense of unity and humility to create a beautiful harmony collectively; through which I learned so much more than musicality of choral singing.

    - David Han -