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Jubilee Chorus is devoted to providing opportunities for Christians to serve God and to have fellowship with other musicians.

Jubilee Chorus is dedicated to nurturing Christian musicians. Jubilee Chorus unites people of all ages, denominations, cultures, and life experiences to create a message of hope and healing for God’s people. Jubilee Chorus provides a place for worship and ministry, and brings God’s light to the communities in which we serve. In particular, the Jubilee Chorus aspires to contribute to the development of church music and growth of local churches by providing training and experiences for church members who join the Jubilee Chorus.


Jubilee Chorus is committed to glorifying and serving God through musical excellence. We pray our lives and the lives of others will be changed as we are brought together, sharing our faith through our music ministry. We are an ecumenical chorus supporting one another in the spiritual journey. With Christ, our desire is to offer hope and healing to change our world.