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Testimony by Gail Fuentes

February 02, 2015


I'm in love with the Lord! He's always on my mind, I speak with Him regularly and talk about Him a lot. I look forward to my times with Him in His word, and in worship through songs of praise and thanksgiving.  The Lord is my joy, my strength, and my comfort and makes all things possible for me. Ministering with Jubilee Chorus affords me the privilege of sharing this love for God with others.  As I honor the Lord with a group of likeminded men and women, it is also an opportunity for me to grow, and to develop the musical talent that He has gifted me.  I am excited about rehearsal; I'm excited about my private practice sessions, and experience great excitement and nervousness before our ministry events.  As we prepared for our Fall season 2014 in New York City, the diligence that went into the work on specially selected musical pieces, testimonies, and sermonettes, spoke of the esteem to which the Lord is held, and aptly defined and expressed the worthiness of our Majestic Lord. As a member of Jubilee I serenaded the Lord in much the same way that I love Him; with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.  Everywhere that we ministered in New York City, we took the Lord's messages of hope and encouragement, we poured out to Him and to our fellow men and were left with a feeling of fullness; satiation.  Profound! That's what being in Jubilee is for me.