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Jubilee Chorus and Orchestra Prepare Joyful Christmas Concert

December 11, 2015
Jubilee Christmas Concert PosterJubilee Christmas Concert Poster

Jubilee Chorus is preparing their Christmas Concert for December 19 at 7pm at 315 West 22nd Street, German Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul's Church. Jubilee Chorus and quintet Orchestra will collaborate for a joyful Christmas concert. The musicians are willingly working together for the concert.

Jubilee Chorus has been rehearsing every week on Tuesdays. The rehearsal atmosphere is joyful, lovely, and graceful. During the rehearsals, they learn how to offer their music to God and testify how thankful they are to sing together in Jesus Christ. Jubilee Orchestra's team will begin their group rehearsal from Tuesday, December 15. They are professional musicians and concert volunteer musicians. They will perform their own classical pieces and will collaborate with the chorus.

 A Jubilee Chorus bass singer, Jairo Adilso Pereira, shared: "Moving to New York has been one of the most difficult experiences I've ever had. From struggling to find work, to finding housing, to even so much as making new friends, it has been hard. But then I found this choir, the Jubilee Chorus. Just being in a room with these amazingly talented people, for one night a week, has been a tremendous blessing. The friendships born through a mutual love for making beautiful music have greatly impacted my life. I can't imagine I would have made it this long, or would have even considered staying longer, had it not been for these people. I'm truly, truly thankful. Our Christmas concert is on December 19. I invite you to come listen, hum along, or maybe even sing a little with us. What better way to get into the spirit of Christmas?!"

Jesus is true peace. Jubilee hopes their beautiful harmony will glorify God.