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"Worship the Newborn King" Jubilee New York Celebrates Christmas

December 22, 2013
  • Christmas Concert, 2013
  • Christmas Concert, 2013
  • Christmas Concert, 2013
  • Christmas Concert, 2013
  • Christmas Concert, 2013
  • Christmas Concert, 2013
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Jubilee New York held a Christmas Concert at Symphony Space theater on Saturday, December 21, 2013.

The joint concert by Jubilee Chorus and Jubilee Worship began with feelings of excitement and expectancy with nearly a full house.

The first half of the concert was performed by Jubilee Chorus. The choir sang beautiful Christmas carols with each individual voice making wonderful harmony. The group was conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Swanson. During the performance, the conductor invited the audience to join the choir for a few songs, which made the worship more active. The choir also shared bible verses that indicated the prophecy of the birth of Jesus and the scene of His birth.
For the second half with Jubilee Worship, the band celebrated the birth of the true King and Savior with joyful Christmas worship songs. The sound of praise was so powerful. The Holy Spirit stirred the place and touched everyone who called unto Him and sought His grace and mercy. The worship team also led the congregation to pray together and to meditate about Christmas. It is the indescribable event in which Jesus, who was in very nature God, humbled and lowered himself and came to the earth to reconcile God and mankind.
At the end, Jubilee Chorus joined with Jubilee Worship and sang, "O Come All Ye Faith/ We Adore," which was the finale of the night. The powerful collaboration amplified the spirit of worship and became a memorable moment of the night where all the people adored the one and only King, Jesus.

After the concert, many participants shared their graceful testimonies.
Elizabeth, the conductor, said, "the people at Jubilee are very sincere and they commit themselves very preciously. There were some very powerful moments during the performances- and everyone arose to the occasion. The soloists and readers did a beautiful job. Everything went very well. And a special thanks to Mihee for arranging everything behind the scenes before and after the event."

Jason, a choir member, shared "the performance tonight was a blessing for me, and hopefully for everyone who attended. Everyone sounded great, and we even pulled off the Messiah flawlessly, which I knew we would! I truly enjoyed tonight's event, and I look forward to rehearsals after the New Year!"

Ashley, the lead singer, said, "I was really thankful that a group like Jubilee was looking for Christian musicians. I felt like I was the only Christian in the world, but through Jubilee, I found that there are more people who want to use their talents for God."

Kendrick, the drummer, shared, "my music is worship and my worship is music. I seek to glorify God through playing the drums. I love that Jubilee is so diverse. It doesn't matter which language you speak or where you come from. We can all worship God together. It was an amazing experience and I felt the presence of God. I am excited to work more with Jubilee."

One of the Jubilee staffs shared, "I experienced that God filled us with better wine every time. Each time more people come to worship with us and share the grace they received. I gained a lot of hope with seeing more talented and good people who desire to know God more deeply. I pray that God remolds us to contain those people and raise them as heavenly performers. I eagerly await to see many souls being saved and to witness a great revival through Jubilee."

Jubilee NYC staffs sincerely thanks all the volunteers who supported the event with their work including prayers, ushering, videography, designers, photography, driving, and PowerPoint.

The Christmas concert was a very precious gift and blessing to end the year with. It was a place where people witnessed the powerful hands of God and how He is ministering and raising the ministry. As the New Year is coming, Jubilee New York seeks for a total recovery and a striking development in every ministry. Please pray together that Jubilee World can proclaim and spread the true freedom songs in the joy of salvation.