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Jubilee Chorus met for the first time during the New Year

January 29, 2014


The evening began with each member warmly greeting one another and sharing what they did during the Christmas vacation. In fact, for many of the members, the last time they had seen one another was at their last performance at Symphony Space for Jubilee New York's Christmas Concert on December 21, 2013.

Dr. Elizabeth Swanson, the Conductor of Jubilee Chorus and members of the chorus were present and enjoyed a number of surprises. Since one member of Jubilee Chorus had won free smoothies through a previous event, each member was treated to smoothie samples and other treats while warming up for rehearsal and reviewing the newest musical piece which was assigned titled "Son of God Mass." The eerie beauty of "Son of God Mass" caused those present to consider the Christ and they were highly excited that soon they would be worshipping the King publically yet again and hopefully inspiring others while drawing them into His presence.

All in all, the first rehearsal went "smoothly" and was indicative of many good things to come during this coming New Year. 

As the members of Jubilee Chorus gear up for the next scheduled performances of the New Year, it should be noted that new members are always welcome. If you are interested in participating in Jubilee Chorus and spreading the love of God through song, please do contact us immediately. 

We would love to have you as we sit in His presence because in His presence is where we belong!

Janelle Simmons