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Chorus Members Take On New Roles

January 30, 2014


As part of the spring 2014 season, two Jubilee Chorus members have been added to the Jubilee administrative team. They are Janelle Simmons and Muriel Samedy.

Janelle and Muriel joined the chorus in the fall of 2013 and will be working as Assistant Managers in supporting Mihee Gwon, Choral Manager, and Dr. Elizabeth Swanson, Conductor, with promotion and other administrative duties. Janelle brings her enthusiasm, passion, and love for God every week during rehearsals and she is a true asset to the chorus. Her delightful personality and beautiful prayers are a ray of light for us all. Muriel brings her lifelong passion for music every week, and, she is inspired by the work of Jubilee choral in spreading the word of God. Her role as Assistant Manager is an extension of her dedication to the Lord and to the choir.

Both Janelle and Muriel look forward to a year filled with music, as well as spreading and imprinting His word on the hearts of all. 

Muriel Samedy