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The Jubilee Chorus to re-launch its operation in New York City

September 01, 2013
The Jubilee Chorus

One of the Jubilee World's ministries The Jubilee Chorus is readying to re-launch its operation in New York City this summer. 

Once again, The Jubilee Chorus will gather like-minded artists who wish to use their talent of singing for the glory of God. 

The ministry is currently accepting applications for these positions: 
-alto (mezzosoprano)
-bass (baritone)

Those who are interested to become part of The Jubilee Chorus can send their applications to info at jubileechorus dot com. 

"I hope that The Jubilee Chorus will bring the light to the world, and will become the bridge that connects the Christian culture with the culture of the world. Personally, I have hope that Jubilee Chorus will make a music that will touch every heart," manager director Mihee Gwon, The Jubilee Chorus. 

About The Jubilee Chorus:
Jubilee Chorus is a classical choral ministry devoted to give opportunities for Christians with classical backgrounds to serve God and to have fellowship with other musicians.
By providing a place for Christian musicians who have classical background from different cultures and denominations to gather, Jubilee Chorus is dedicated to raising them up to be powerful worship ministers and to bring change and purity in the culture of the world. It is also Jubilee Chorus's hope to develop church music and contribute to the growth of each church by providing training and experience for church members who join Jubilee Chorus.